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Floating Bait

Nash Zig Riser Pellet - Pure Crustacean + Hookbaits - 1.6kg Nash Zig Riser Pellet - Pure Crustacean + Hookbaits - 1.6kg
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Riser Pellet imitates a natural fly hatch creating a floating slick of micro pellets and a small percentage of slow sinking pellets to draw the fish up to the surface creating a frenzied feeding reaction.
Nash Zig Slicker Floaters - Pure Crustacean + Hookbaits - 1.4kg Nash Zig Slicker Floaters - Pure Crustacean + Hookbaits - 1.4kg
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Combining Nash's exclusive additives in a high attract floating feed, Nashbait’s Slicker Floaters encourage competitive feeding on the toughest venues for instant surface action. Needle friendly Hookable Floaters come in every bag, and can be direct hooked or mounted without drilling or glue, sitting like free offerings in the surface film to catch out the most cautious feeders. Slicker Floaters c…
Sonubaits Floater Fishing Pack Sonubaits Floater Fishing Pack
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Floater fishing is an extremely rewarding and exciting way of catching carp. There's nothing better than watching a feeding carp slurp down your surface hookbaits, followed by the eruption as it powers off! The Sonubaits Floater Fishing Pack is a 1.75kg bucket filled with high quality floating pellets and a free pack of Oozing Floater hookbaits! The high-quality pellets will leak out oil on the su…
Sonubaits Oily Floaters Original 11mm Sonubaits Oily Floaters Original 11mm
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A hookable floating fishmeal pellet that has been impregnated with fish oil to provide a slick that fish home in on. With the increased level of oil and a slightly softer texture, these oily floaters are ideal for presenting on a hair rig or side hooked.
Sticky Baits The Krill Floater Hookers Sticky Baits The Krill Floater Hookers
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Special floater hookbaits that have been designed to perfectly mimic the Krill Floaters. They’re hookable and can be hair-rigged or banded, making them extremely easy to use. They’ve been infused with increased levels of Krill attractors, so much so that they’re practically oozing! For best results, use with The Krill Floaters. Available in 80g Pots.
Sticky Floaters - The Krill Sticky Floaters - The Krill
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You can harness the awesome pulling power of The Krill for surface fishing. Rather than simply re-bagging conventional floating pellets, Sticky innovated a coating process that’s totally unique. The result is a floating bait that pulses out attraction, pulling carp into your swim… and holding them there! Our high-protein pellets are treated to two special coatings that begin to break down as soon…


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