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Mainline High Impact Groundbait 2kg Bucket Mainline High Impact Groundbait 2kg Bucket
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With groundbaits now making serious inroads into all forms of carp fishing Mainline have developed a range of groundbaits to suit all situations. Far more than just an attractor, these groundbaits contain high quality food ingredients and will substain rather just stimulate a feeding response. They can be used for carpet feed, Method fishing or carriers for particles and pellets and as an added ex…
Mainline Pro-Active Stick and Bag Mix 1kg Mainline Pro-Active Stick and Bag Mix 1kg
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The design of the Stick & Bag mixes is built on Mainline's extensive knowledge and experience in bait formulation. Incorporating our unique water soluble catalyst system which capitalises on all aspects of feeding and attraction. Pro-Active Stick & Bag mixes are the ultimate in active particle release and provide a stream of attraction throughout the water column, drawing carp from all levels. Ide…
Mainline Souper Zig Mix 4 Kg Bag Mainline Souper Zig Mix 4 Kg Bag
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The Souper Zig Mix has been designed to create a suspended ‘cloud’ of attraction in the upper layers and throughout the water column that’s ideally suited to Zig fishing. This is achieved with a groundbait-like mix that incorporates a combination of active enhancers; stimulants and ‘slow sinking’ crushed particles to provide a consistent stream of attraction. Simply add lake water and any Activ-Ad…
Nash Bait Scopex Squid Moist Cultured Stick Mix Nash Bait Scopex Squid Moist Cultured Stick Mix
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A pre-moistened stick and bag mix that needs no additional liquid, Scopex Squid Cultured® Stick Mix can be compressed straight from the bag, and contains the same powerful feeding triggers as the living skin of the Scopex Squid Cultured® Hookbaits. Cultured® Stick Mixes contain only fine particles, improving breakdown, attractor leak off and preventing hook points being masked or blunted.
Nash Citruz Cultured fizzing Stick Mix Nash Citruz Cultured fizzing Stick Mix
9 in stock
Citruz Cultured® Fizzing Stick Mix is the fizzing fruit cocktail stick filling that brings a feeding response when other baits fail. A ground breaking step forwards in active attraction it gently fizzes, breaking up the mix and releasing food particles through the water column to draw carp to the hookbait using sight, sound, smell and taste. Containing the same deadly fruit esters, aminos, nucleot…
Nash Spod Cloud Nash Spod Cloud
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The ultimate sloppy spod mix for fishing over zigs, Spod Cloud produces maximum stimulation from minimum feed. Containing slow sinking and neutral buoyancy particles to keep carp competing for food, just add water to produce a slop mix that suspends an unbeatable cloud of taste, smell and visual attraction.
Sticky The Krill Clusters 500g Sticky The Krill Clusters 500g
Out of stock
It’s safe to say that The Krill range has cemented itself as one of the very best of all time and has racked up countless amounts of captures since it’s creation in 2012, and without sounding too silly, Sticky has attributed the great success story to a tiny aquatic-being – the humble krill. This shrimp-like crustacean has a nutritional profile off the charts and The Krill Clusters are 100% pure k…


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