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ESP Streamline Controller Floats ESP Streamline Controller Floats
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Streamlined Controllers are a classic shape which cast accurately with minimal splash. Perfect for summer stalking! Streamlined Controllers are best used by locking them onto the line with float stops or mounted on a short section of silicone tube which sleeves the hooklink swivel. They can be cast with pinpoint accuracy and the larger sizes can be cast in excess of 60 metres.The translucent body…
Fox Zig Float Kit 2019 Fox Zig Float Kit 2019
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New fluted design for increased casting stability. Also features unique anti-tangle cavity, into which you can place a small piece of rolled up dissolving foam, which you can then nick your hook into - this will help to reduce the chances of your hooklink tangling on the cast and as the float rises through the water -Resistance cavities aid hooking properties -Finished in Trans Khaki -Shaped to ac…
Korda Surface Float Korda Surface Float
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- Super buoyant- Specially designed low-vis colouration- Larger sizes are ideal for ultimate long range surface fishing- Available in multiple sizes to suit all situations The colour of these inline floats has been carefully selected to make them as visible as possible from above the surface, so that the angler can see them as clearly as possible, but at the same time are almost invisible to carp…
Korda Zig Kit Korda Zig Kit
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The new Korda Zig Kit makes fishing adjustable zigs easier than ever before, following extensive testing to get it just right.Using an adjustable zig allows you to search out the water column within your swim until you discover what depth the carp are swimming at, but without the need to keep winding in, tying on a different length hook link and re-casting. So not only are they less hassle, but th…
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Unrivalled aerodynamics and stability with a soft rubber semi-fixed insert and white low glare finish for effective surface concealment. Allowing you to fish in areas normally considered safe by wary carp these Bolt Machines make surface fishing possible at well over 100 yards, and offer hooking properties that have to be seen to be believed - converting more takes into hooked carp than any other…
Ron Thompson Bombarda Surface Float 25g Ron Thompson Bombarda Surface Float 25g
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R.T. bombarda Surface floats were originally designed for fishing micro lures for big fish at range but make a great budget surface controller. We recommend using with a quick change bead andd float stops up the line to create a bolt effect.


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