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Terminal Tackle

Fox EDGES Speed Links Fox EDGES Speed Links
5 in stock
Nash Tungsten Sinkers Nash Tungsten Sinkers
19 in stock
Versatile wire loop mounted Tungsten Sinkers slide easily on to hooklinks or main line to help pin end tackle down, and act as a secure base to mould additional putty around.
ESP Short Chod Rig ESP Short Chod Rig
6 in stock
ESP Short Chod rigs provide all the advantages of regular length chod rigs but offer a lower, more discreet presentation with the hook bait positioned closer to the lake bed. This makes them ideal for fishing over gravel, sand and shallow deposits of silt and weed – whilst still providing the deadly effective hooking arrangement of the perfectly curved, classic chod rig. The inherent rigidity of t…
Korda Solidz PVA Rig Wide Gape Korda Solidz PVA Rig Wide Gape
27 in stock
Solidz PVA Rig has been designed for use with a PVA setup and can be attached to a lead system either with a loop-loop or a QC swivel.
Fox EDGES Power Grip Lead Clip Kit - Lead Clip Kit Fox EDGES Power Grip Lead Clip Kit - Lead Clip Kit
5 in stock
Handy kit that includes everything needed for creating a lead clip setup Includes the following : Edges Trans Khaki products: Power Grip Tail Rubbers, size 7 Lead Clips with T pegs, standard Anti Tangle Sleeves Also supplied with both standard size 7 swivels and size 7 Kwik Change Swivels. Five of every component supplied in kit
Korda Boom Flurocarbon Hooklink Both Weights New Korda Boom Flurocarbon Hooklink Both Weights New
9 in stock
Boom is a game-changing fluorocarbon! It’s Korda's first fluorocarbon that can be crimped, which opens up a world of uses for rig tying. Its prime function is for creating stiff boom sections to help kick the hook bait away from the lead system, something Boom does each and every cast. You can use it to make combi-rigs, or out-and-out stiff rigs, for pop-ups and bottom baits alike. Your imaginatio…
Korda Textured Flat Pear Swivel Korda Textured Flat Pear Swivel
3 in stock
A flattened version of the popular Swivel Pear leads. The high surface area makes them perfect for holding position on marginal slopes, gravel bars or on swift rivers. Their shape makes them particularly good hookers.
Korda Kamo Korda Kamo
16 in stock
Kamo is a super-tough, camouflaged coated braid thats incredibly easy to strip. The strippable coating offers a multitude of presentation options, from simple combi rigs, right up to more complex rigs like the multi-rig. The clever banded-camouflage pattern helps your rigs to melt into the lake bed, whatever youre fishing over. Kamo is available in 15lb 20lb and 30lb breaking strains.
Nash Plastic Bait Screw 8mm Nash Plastic Bait Screw 8mm
1 in stock
Threaded plastic bait screws used to pierce and grip boilies, pop-ups, nuts, foam and plastic baits. Lighter than metal screws, making them the natural choice for buoyant hookbaits, balanced baits and wafters.
Korda Krank Choddy Hook Korda Krank Choddy Hook
43 in stock
Not long after the Krank hook was conceived, Tom Dove hatched a plan to introduce a chod version, with an out-turned eye. His imagination was captured by the way that the continuously curving shank could mirror the curve of the chod rig, creating what many of us consider to be the ultimate chod hook. Just like the standard Krank hooks, the Krank Choddy has a beaked point and slight offset that com…
Nash 0.75m Diffusion Camo Leader Micro Weed Lead Clip Nash 0.75m Diffusion Camo Leader Micro Weed Lead Clip
2 in stock
Concealing your terminal tackle to encourage carp to feed more confidently around the rig, Diffusion Leaders practically disappear whatever the nature of the lake bed.  Combining the award winning concealment of extra tough Diffusion Camo Leaders with the superior performance of the most advanced lead clip systems yet devised. Options for variable discharge with standard Lead Clips or Weed Lead Cl…


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