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Baiting Tools and Accessories

Cygnet Baiting Pole - 12 mtr Cygnet Baiting Pole - 12 mtr
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Cygnet Baiting Pole 12m The 12m Baiting Pole comes as an 8 section put-over carbon composite pole, that stores within itself, it combines with the Cygnet Baiting Spoon and Baiting Spoon Float to deliver devastatingly accurate baiting anywhere within 12 metres of you! Simply load the spoon with your hookbait and/or feed and assemble the pole as you float it out. The spoon is supported on the surfac…
Cygnet Baiting Pole Protection Tube Cygnet Baiting Pole Protection Tube
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Protect your valuable Baiting Pole from potentially harmful impact and abrasion damage. The Tube's slimline profile belies its reinforced strength, and foam inserts ensure quiet operation. The zipped cap ensures fast deployment and the carry handle means that it's extremely easy to transport. Does not include pole
Cygnet Baiting Spoon Cygnet Baiting Spoon
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Cygnet Baiting Pole Spoon The busines end of any baiting pole; the Baiting Spoon will fit most landing net poles or storm rods via its 3/8 BSF thread. The spoon features an optional partition to keep wet bait separate from hookbaits, foam and PVA.
Cygnet Baiting Spoon Float Cygnet Baiting Spoon Float
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Cygnet Baiting Pole Spoon Float Our Baiting Spoon Float effortlessly supports the heaviest of payloads in any baiting spoon arrangement. It is held in place by locating the 3/8 BSF thread of your spoon through the smaller hole and screwing on to your baiting pole/stick. Then simply adjust the pull cord for a snug fit.
Cygnet Spod Station Cygnet Spod Station
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Enabling complete efficiency and speed when baiting-up. The Spod Station holds two 17-litre square buckets* at the most comfortable height, designated by you, enabling fast access to your spod mixes with no bending over. Plus, the gravity-fed, padded rod rest is both incredibly quick to use and helps free-up both your hands to fill your spod / Spomb. To use, simply screw a bankstick / storm pole**…
ESP Marker Dart Medium ESP Marker Dart Medium
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The Marker Darts are designed to bridge the size and range gap between the original ESP Mini Markers and Sonar Marker floats. Their blow moulded bodies are more buoyant than balsa, are much tougher and not prone to damage. Marker Darts do not oscillate in flight, cast straight and true ensuring precise accuracy at distance even in a crosswind. These floats are unique in that they have been designe…
ESP Sonar Marker Float ESP Sonar Marker Float
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The Sonar Markers are designed to fly straight and true, their special aerodynamic shape provides the ultimate long range marker combining maximum distance and accuracy. The special moulded body is tough, durable and exceptionally buoyant, pulling the line through to the surface even at distance in windy conditions. Best used with leads of 4oz (112g)+
ESP Super Floss 50m ESP Super Floss 50m
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Super Floss is used to tie on hookbaits such as pop-up securely without cutting in. Pop-ups which have been pierced and threaded onto a hair rig are more likely to absorb water and lose buoyancy. Super Floss has a wide, flat profile which grips the pop-up securely without cutting in, even when the bait has swollen slightly. The pop-up can then be tied to a rig ring with 3 or 4 overturn knots. Rath…
Fox Boilie Baiting Spoon Fox Boilie Baiting Spoon
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The new Boilie Baiting Spoon – as name suggests is perfect for baiting with boilies. Supplied with screw-on knurled Aluminium handle that includes hand cord.
Fox Casting Finger Stall Fox Casting Finger Stall
2 in stock
The Fox casting finger stall features a soft leather finger for improved feel and can be used left or right handed.
Fox EDGES Bait Floss - Neutral Fox EDGES Bait Floss - Neutral
Out of stock
Supplied with dispenser that features a cutting edge for quick, easy use.
Fox EDGES Marker Elastic - 20m Red Fox EDGES Marker Elastic - 20m Red
5 in stock
A bright red elastic designed for tying highly visible range marker knots onto the mainline. Invaluable for accurate recasting to baited areas or features, particularly in darkness. The elastic will not damage the line, is easy to remove and remains gripped in place.
Fox Exocet Marker Float Kit Fox Exocet Marker Float Kit
4 in stock
The ultimate marker float that has been designed for casting long distances and is also incredibly buoyant too -Two-part moulded body that has been chemically welded to ensure consistent buoyancy -High impact resistant plastic construction with flexible flights to ensure product longevity -Supplied with a spliced boom section that features a large eyed ring swivel and speed link -Also supplied an…
Fox H Block Markers Fox H Block Markers
2 in stock
Ultra Buoyant with Betalight Slots.  Supplied with Swivel & Speed Link for easy lead attachment
Fox Marker Sticks Fox Marker Sticks
1 in stock
Measure and clip your reel lines for perfect accuracy every cast. Black anodised aluminium sticks. High visibility sight tops with Beta Light slot. 24” / 60cm length


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