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Cygnet Baiting Pole - 12 mtr Cygnet Baiting Pole - 12 mtr
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Cygnet Baiting Pole 12m The 12m Baiting Pole comes as an 8 section put-over carbon composite pole, that stores within itself, it combines with the Cygnet Baiting Spoon and Baiting Spoon Float to deliver devastatingly accurate baiting anywhere within 12 metres of you! Simply load the spoon with your hookbait and/or feed and assemble the pole as you float it out. The spoon is supported on the surfac…
Cygnet Baiting Pole Protection Tube Cygnet Baiting Pole Protection Tube
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Protect your valuable Baiting Pole from potentially harmful impact and abrasion damage. The Tube's slimline profile belies its reinforced strength, and foam inserts ensure quiet operation. The zipped cap ensures fast deployment and the carry handle means that it's extremely easy to transport. Does not include pole
Cygnet Baiting Spoon Cygnet Baiting Spoon
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Cygnet Baiting Pole Spoon The busines end of any baiting pole; the Baiting Spoon will fit most landing net poles or storm rods via its 3/8 BSF thread. The spoon features an optional partition to keep wet bait separate from hookbaits, foam and PVA.
Cygnet Baiting Spoon Float Cygnet Baiting Spoon Float
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Cygnet Baiting Pole Spoon Float Our Baiting Spoon Float effortlessly supports the heaviest of payloads in any baiting spoon arrangement. It is held in place by locating the 3/8 BSF thread of your spoon through the smaller hole and screwing on to your baiting pole/stick. Then simply adjust the pull cord for a snug fit.
Cygnet Spod Station Cygnet Spod Station
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Enabling complete efficiency and speed when baiting-up. The Spod Station holds two 17-litre square buckets* at the most comfortable height, designated by you, enabling fast access to your spod mixes with no bending over. Plus, the gravity-fed, padded rod rest is both incredibly quick to use and helps free-up both your hands to fill your spod / Spomb. To use, simply screw a bankstick / storm pole**…
Deeper Night Fishing Cover Deeper Night Fishing Cover
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A transparent cover replacement enabling Deeper sonars to light up whenever the night fishing mode is selected on the Deeper.
Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar
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Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar – World’s only versatile, castable fish finder with built in GPS. Now with ** Dry Gear Deal** Free Bundle Download the Deeper App for FREE on Google Play or App Store. Also enjoy FREE access to Lakebook, Deeper’s bathymetry management platform, where you can save and view your maps and scans from any device. What’s in there for you? It’s what we wonder every time we go angl…
Deeper Smartphone Mount Deeper Smartphone Mount
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Fitting any type of rod, the Deeper Smartphone Mount is a secure, easy-to-use silicone mount. It enables fishers to monitor the sonar data from their Deeper device while keeping both hands free for reeling in that catch.
ESP Boiliepult (Caty) ESP Boiliepult (Caty)
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The Boilie Pult is as the name suggests a catapult designed for feeding boilies at the maximum distance with tight grouping and minimum spillage. The pouch capacity is approximately 10 x 18mm or 16 x 15mm boilies and with a little practice, tight groupings of baits can be achieved at distances of around 40 metres. Reduce the quantity and weight of bait for increased distance.
ESP Boiliepult - Spare Pouch ESP Boiliepult - Spare Pouch
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Special cone shape helps keep boilies tightly grouped. Eliminates 90% of bankside spillage.
ESP Braid & Mono Scissors ESP Braid & Mono Scissors
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Featuring an improved design and high-grade stainless steel blades, these scissors are an essential tackle box accessory. Available with ergonomic hi-viz orange or green handles with a comfortable soft-touch finish, these super sharp scissors are perfect for all hook link materials and monofilaments. One of the blades has a serrated edge which is perfect for gripping (without the need to hold unde…
ESP Gizmo Rig Tool ESP Gizmo Rig Tool
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Its tapered shape provides three grooves for shaping different sized loops in stiff hooklink materials and coated braid. The thin tapered point is perfect for shaping D’s on chod rigs etc. A countersunk hole through the tool can be used for holding a hook when tightening knots and the mushroom-shaped top holds the ring of a Un-Link Swivels to test knots and tension rigs. Ergonomic and tackle box f…
ESP Marker Dart Medium ESP Marker Dart Medium
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The Marker Darts are designed to bridge the size and range gap between the original ESP Mini Markers and Sonar Marker floats. Their blow moulded bodies are more buoyant than balsa, are much tougher and not prone to damage. Marker Darts do not oscillate in flight, cast straight and true ensuring precise accuracy at distance even in a crosswind. These floats are unique in that they have been designe…
ESP Megapult (Caty) ESP Megapult (Caty)
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The Mega Pult is as the name suggests a large pouched catapult designed for feeding large quantities of boilies with tight grouping and minimum spillage. Designed for short to medium range work, a full pouch of bait can weigh up to 3 1/2 oz (100g) which means a whole kilo of boilies can be introduced in a matter of minutes. Accuracy and smooth delivery of bait is achieved using optimum lengths of…
ESP Nut Drill 4mm ESP Nut Drill 4mm
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The Nut Drill and matching diameter Cork Sticks are designed for drilling out tiger nuts and boilies to create a buoyant or wafter hookbait. The drills are made to ESP own specification using high-grade stainless steel. The drills have a sharp pilot point and leading edge, so clean holes can be drilled without the risk of splitting or damage, even in relatively soft or fragile baits. The ergonomic…


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