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Swivel Leads

Fox Camotex Swivel Distance Fox Camotex Swivel Distance
£1.35 - £1.60
In stock
Fox Camotex Swivel Flat Pear Fox Camotex Swivel Flat Pear
£1.20 - £1.45
In stock
Fox Camotex Swivel Square Fox Camotex Swivel Square
£1.20 - £1.45
In stock
Korda Big Grippa Korda Big Grippa
£1.80 - £3.20
In stock
These leads are perfect for anywhere that you need more grip, like rivers, on the sides of bars, marginal slopes or boating out at extreme range. Korda have recorded that you can get the same grip with a 1oz Grippa as you can with a 2oz Swivel Pear lead. So, with that in mind, you can get away with a smaller lead to do the same job, which is an advantage when fishing for barbel and chub on the riv…
Korda Big Grippa Original Korda Big Grippa Original
£2.40 - £2.80
50 in stock
Korda Big Grippa Original Korda's Original Big Grippa lead is back by popular demand, but with a few tweaks to make it even better than the original ones. These are a favourite with anglers fishing at long range or on rivers, as well as having the ability to stay in place on margin slopes or the sides of gravel bars, and Korda boss Danny Fairbrass is a big fan of them. The shape has been changed s…
Korda COG Leads Korda COG Leads
£2.00 - £2.45
74 in stock
There are two COG lead patterns currently available, the Flat Distance and Flat Pear. The Flat Pear is more conventional and its condensed shape makes for the best hooking potential its unsurpassed for margin or boat work. The Flat Distance lead was designed by Danny Fairbrass for the COG system. It takes its shape from the popular Distance Casting lead, but has a slightly flattened profile, givin…
Korda Distance Casting Swivel Korda Distance Casting Swivel
£1.50 - £2.15
In stock
As the name suggests, this lead is designed purely for casting long distances. The nose-heavy design makes it very stable indeed and also keeps the lead condensed, giving good hooking efficiency. The lead is the brainchild of Alan Partridge an old school angler well known in the higher echelons of carp fishing for his innovative thinking and his long-range casting. This is without doubt Dannys fav…
Korda Flat Pear Swivel Korda Flat Pear Swivel
£1.80 - £2.40
In stock
A flattened version of the popular Swivel Pear leads. The high surface area makes them perfect for holding position on marginal slopes, gravel bars or on swift rivers. Their shape makes them particularly good hookers.
Korda Heli Lead Distance Korda Heli Lead Distance
£2.00 - £2.15
78 in stock
As the name suggests, this lead is designed for casting long distances. The nose-heavy design makes it very stable indeed and also gives good hooking efficiency.The nose-heavy shape of this lead means that it flies straight as an arrow; it just goes where you want it to go. Instead of a swivel, the Heli version features a ring, which makes it ideal for use with the Heli-Safe system and gives a muc…
Korda Heli Leads Korda Heli Leads
£1.85 - £2.15
In stock
The Heli-Lead has been designed specially for use with the Heli-Safe bead. By fitting a ring to the lead loop, rather than a swivel, the attachment is kept super neat, yet flexible enough to ensure that the lead is only discharged when you want it to be. The leads are finished with a robust camouflaged paint that blends in superbly well over a range of lake beds and are available in sizes from 1.5…
Korda Pear Swivel Korda Pear Swivel
£1.80 - £2.10
In stock
The classic pear lead will cast a very very long way, almost as far as the Distance Casting and it is less affected by cross winds because the shape is very condensed. This means that the Pear lead is suited to most carp fishing situations when fishing anything up to the very limit of your casting ability. The dumpy shape can be used to your advantage in silt. Try using a very light pear lead say…
Korda Square Swivel Korda Square Swivel
£1.80 - £2.05
In stock


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