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Line & Braid

Guru Drag-Line Reel Line Guru Drag-Line Reel Line
17 in stock
Guru Drag Line Mono Mainline 250m Drag-Line is a robust, performance mono thats been designed to withstand the rough and tumble of commercial-water carping. Drag-Line is super-supple as well as tough. This means that it positively purrs off the spool when repeatedly chucking method feeders. Available in 10lb, 8lb, 6lb and 4lb
Guru N-Gauge Hook Length Line Guru N-Gauge Hook Length Line
27 in stock
N-Guage is a high-tech Japanese mono with a consistent low diameter. N-Gauge is available in 3lb (0.11mm), 4lb (0.13mm), 5lb (0.15mm), 6lb (0.17mm), 7lb (0.19mm), 9lb (0.22mm), 12lb (0.25mm) breaking strains, which will cover all commercial-water fishing as well as most specialist-angling situations. N-Gauge is super clear, which makes it suitable for even the most gin-clear of waters holding the…
Guru N-Gauge Pro Pole & Hooklength Line Guru N-Gauge Pro Pole & Hooklength Line
11 in stock
N-Gauge Pro is a Japanese premium quality, extra strong copolymer which is accurately rated in diameter and breaking strain.   Designed for pole rigs and hooklengths, N-Gauge Pro has been produced in a clear colour to help camouflage into as many surroundings as possible.  N-Gauge Pro is also very supple, helping you achieve a better presentation. Breaking strain 0.08mm - 1lb 0.09mm - 1.5lb 0.10mm…
Guru Pulse 8 Braid 150m Guru Pulse 8 Braid 150m
16 in stock
Pulse8 is a top quality eight carrier braid main line - eight carrier means its produced used eight tightly woven fine strands, rather than the more usual four, creating a supple, ultra thin, super strong braid. Perfect for feeder or bomb fishing when feel and direct contact is vital, its the ultimate distance casting braid too. It comes in three breaking strains, 0.08mm/15lb, 0.10mm/18lb and 0.12…
Guru Pulse Pro Monofilament Match Line Guru Pulse Pro Monofilament Match Line
17 in stock
The latest technology to produce a mainline that is low stretch, low diameter and has a high abrasion resistance. Diameter 5.3lb -0.18mm, 6.1lb -0.20mm, 8.8lb -0.24mm, 10.2lb -0.27mm
Guru Pulse-Line Reel Line 300m Guru Pulse-Line Reel Line 300m
30 in stock
Guru Pulse line takes advantage of the latest line technology with low-stretch and high abrasion resistance coupled with great casting and sinking properties to create the ultimate mono main line. Great for both feeder and waggler fishing, Pulse comes on 300m spools with a marker at 150m for accurate re-spooling and is available in 3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 8lb and 10lb versions. 0.16mm = 3lb 0.18mm = 4…
Guru PURE Fluorocarbon Hook Length Line Guru PURE Fluorocarbon Hook Length Line
38 in stock
PURE is a premium quality fluorocarbon sourced from Japan. There are ten different diameters available ranging from 0.08mm to 0.30mm, all of which are accurately measured and stated, and corresponding breaking strains from 1lb to 10lb, which will cover everything from the lightest match fishing right up to specimen fishing for species such as tench and barbel. PURE is virtually invisible in water…


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