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Bait Preparation

Dynamite Riddle for GB Bucket Dynamite Riddle for GB Bucket
1 in stock
A lmaggot mesh sized riddle that will fit most 17L groundbait buckets.  
Guru Bait Strainer 1 - 3 Pint Guru Bait Strainer 1 - 3 Pint
£2.49 - £3.25
8 in stock
This is a bait preparation, storage and drainage aid that fit neatly inside Guru Bait Boxes. These are perfect for use with any bait that involves soaking or covering with water, as you can quickly and easily remove the bait from water by lifting the strainer out of the tub when required. The strainer is slightly raised so when placed on the ground water will drain from the bait. Perfect for soaki…
Guru Bait Strainer 5 Pint Guru Bait Strainer 5 Pint
7 in stock
Guru Bait Strainer 5 Pint The 5 Pint Bait Strainer has been designed to quickly strain water off baits such as pellets, casters, dead maggots, corn, hemp and meat. The larger 5 pint capacity makes this the ideal strainer for larger volumes of bait. For example, a full 1kg bag of pellets can be soaked and strained using this strainer in one soaking, particularly effective during the summer months w…
Guru Maggot Riddle Orange Guru Maggot Riddle Orange
8 in stock
Guru Maggot Riddle Orange The Maggot Riddle has been designed to riddle small live baits such as maggots, pinkies and bloodworm quickly and effectively. Featuring a 3mm square mesh which perfectly riddles and cleans bait, resulting in the freshest bait possible. Fits perfectly on top of the 2.2 pint and 3.3 pint Guru Bait Boxes and features handy guru tabs in opposite corners for ease of use. The…
Guru Multi Riddle Guru Multi Riddle
3 in stock
Guru Multi Riddle The Guru Multi Riddle has been designed to fit perfectly on Guru 18L buckets but will also fit on other buckets of this size. The riddle locks onto the bucket so it’s safe and secure, making it extremely easy to use. The bucket lid also clicks back onto the riddle securing it further. This feature is unique to the system and makes transporting the bucket, riddle and lid very easy…
Preston 1pt Sieve Preston 1pt Sieve
5 in stock
Preston 1pt Sieve Designed specifically to drain excess liquid from any bait, this sieve fits directly into the 1pt bait tub. -Strong nylon mesh -Perfect for draining baits such as worms and pellets -Fits perfectly into a 1pt Bait Tub -Bait Tub not included
Preston 2pt Bait Tub Strainer Preston 2pt Bait Tub Strainer
3 in stock
Preston 2pt Bait Tub Strainer Designed to fit directly into 2pt and 3pt bait tubs, this strainer is ideal for draining excess liquid from baits such as pellets, corn and casters. -Slotted drain holes allow liquid to escape easily -Light-weight design -Can be stowed inside bait tubs for ease of storage -Bait tub not included
Preston Innovations Stainless Steel Whisk Preston Innovations Stainless Steel Whisk
1 in stock
Constructed from high quality stainless steel, the Preston Innovations whisk is perfect for mixing up large quantities of groundbait in a bucket, ensuring that the groundbait is mixed evenly throughout. The base of the whisk is flat ensuring no part of the groundbait is missed while the tall round shape means that the maximum amount of groundbait is in contact with the whisk at all times, especial…
Preston Offbox Bucket Riddles Preston Offbox Bucket Riddles
4 in stock
Designed to fit straight onto Preston, Sonubaits and many other 18l Buckets, the Preston Riddles are made from high quality, impact resistant plastic and high quality stainless steel mesh. The mesh is available in three sizes, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm. These can be used for any baits from pinkies through to coarse groundbaits.
Ridgemonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter Ridgemonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter
2 in stock
Cut multiple boilies quickly and efficiently with the RidgeMonkey Choppa: designed & developed to chop multiple baits at a time, saving time and effort over traditional methods. Simple design, easy to use and makes fishing with chopped boilies a pleasure – the irregular shape of the cut baits means the they flutter down slowly through the water column and settle gently on top of silt or low-lying…


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