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Bands Stops and Bayonets

Drennan Natural Latex Pellet Band Drennan Natural Latex Pellet Band
39 in stock
Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachments Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachments
1 in stock
The Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachments feature four rubber stops, three below to ensure the weight of the waggler does not move them on the cast and one above to hold the float in place. The waggler is attached via a small swivel clip allowing the angler to quickly change the size of the float. There are five attachments per packet which can be easily threaded onto the mainline via the wire loop.
Drennan Pushstops Clear Drennan Pushstops Clear
8 in stock
These are high quality, precision moulded Pushstops, so each stop is identical to the next one, ensuring a consistent fit. Pushstops are ideal for soft baits such as sweetcorn, expander pellets, cubes of meat and even worms. With the aid of a 1.5mm Drennan Pushstop Drill, they can also be used to mount boilies, dumbbells and hard pellets.
Enterprise Caster Bait Bands Enterprise Caster Bait Bands
9 in stock
Made from soft biodegradable plastic, these unique tapered bait bands have been specially designed for casters. No need for fiddly pellet pliers, gently push the caster into position through the wider side of the band. 20 per pack
15 in stock
These very strong, high quality latex elastic bait bands are perfect for attaching all boilies, particles, floaters, etc. to the hook shank or onto rig rings on D-rigs.
Guru Bait Bayonets Guru Bait Bayonets
8 in stock
Our Bait Bayonets make changing tough boilie or artificial hook baits quicker than ever. They�re a simple, twisted metal spike with a ring on the end, which allows it to be tied to a hair rig. To mount a bait, you simply push the bayonet into the boilie, right up to the eye. This will provide a secure attachment, allowing long, forceful casts to be made, safe in the knowledge that the bait will st…
Guru Micro Bait Bands Guru Micro Bait Bands
2 in stock
Supplied in packs of approximately 100, these bait bands provide the perfect solution to hair rigging very hard baits like pellets. They can be simply tied to the hair rig and are secure enough to hold a pellet in place for even quite long casts.� Available in 2mm and 4mm size� Ultra strong latex that wont break� Perfect for banding hard pellets� Sold in packs of approximately 100 bands
Guru Micro Hair Stops - Red, Brown, Yellow Guru Micro Hair Stops - Red, Brown, Yellow
7 in stock
Available in mixed packs that include brown, red and yellow stops. They are supplied in mixed colours so that you can find one to match the bait that youre using to help fool wary, pressured fish! • Small dumbbell-style hair stops • Ideal for small boilies, pellets and other small baits • Available in mixed packs of yellow, red or brown • Colours allow the angler to match the hair stop to the hook…


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