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ESP Boiliepult (Caty) ESP Boiliepult (Caty)
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The Boilie Pult is as the name suggests a catapult designed for feeding boilies at the maximum distance with tight grouping and minimum spillage. The pouch capacity is approximately 10 x 18mm or 16 x 15mm boilies and with a little practice, tight groupings of baits can be achieved at distances of around 40 metres. Reduce the quantity and weight of bait for increased distance.
ESP Boiliepult - Spare Pouch ESP Boiliepult - Spare Pouch
4 in stock
Special cone shape helps keep boilies tightly grouped. Eliminates 90% of bankside spillage.
ESP Megapult (Caty) ESP Megapult (Caty)
2 in stock
The Mega Pult is as the name suggests a large pouched catapult designed for feeding large quantities of boilies with tight grouping and minimum spillage. Designed for short to medium range work, a full pouch of bait can weigh up to 3 1/2 oz (100g) which means a whole kilo of boilies can be introduced in a matter of minutes. Accuracy and smooth delivery of bait is achieved using optimum lengths of…
ESP Twin Walled Catapult Latex ESP Twin Walled Catapult Latex
3 in stock
Short or over-powered catapult elastics accelerate the bait load too fast and increase spread significantly. These sections of latex provide a long, slow, powerful acceleration for maximum distance and minimum spread. Natural latex has a unique power and elasticity but has a limited lifespan and should be replaced regularly ll last longer.
Fox Rangemaster Powerguard Catapults Fox Rangemaster Powerguard Catapults
£5.49 - £15.99
8 in stock
Korda Elastic Korda Elastic
5 in stock
Spare elastics in Heavy and Light available
Korda Katapult 2021 Korda Katapult 2021
4 in stock
The incredibly popular Katapult has been re-designed to make it even better than before, and a new even lighter version has been added to the range. The colour of the Katapult frame is now different for each type of elastic –heavy (black); medium (green); and light (brown) –to make iteasy to quickly grab the right one out of your bag. The new ‘light’ catapult has replaced the old model -which has…
Korda Katapult 2021 Spare Elastic Korda Katapult 2021 Spare Elastic
14 in stock
Korda Katapult 2021 Spare Pouch Korda Katapult 2021 Spare Pouch
£3.65 - £3.99
10 in stock
Three sizes of spare pouch.  The small is the original Korda Catapult design.


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